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Important Information For When Installing Nara™ Native Turf

Nara™ native turf prefers to be installed when the weather is not too cold. It is best to avoid laying a Nara™ lawn in the following months in certain regions.

Please note these dates are to be used as a guide only.

Avoid laying 15th March - 15th September: ACT (Including similar climates such as Bathurst, Armidale and Ballarat)

Avoid laying 25th April - 25th August: Victoria, SA, WA

Avoid laying 15th May - 15th August: Sydney

Nara™ Zoysia can be layed anytime of the year in Brisbane and north QLD.

Having to rip out your whole lawn and start again is the last thing you want to do, right?

So it pays to lay your Nara™ native turf properly from the start.

This is the same for all Zoysia types. Nara™ native turf can actually be laid in the cooler months in Sydney provided the turf is kept moist till it roots out, but as it takes up to 7 weeks to root out in winter, we feel it is best to wait for warmer weather. In warmer weather Nara™ Zoysia will establish relatively quickly from turf. In early spring or autumn it may take a week longer than other turf types to establish, but what's a week compared to a lifetime of low maintenance?

  1. Remove all building waste and weeds.
  2. Spread a free draining soil to a depth of 7-15cm (roots can penetrate much deeper) or loosen ground and mix in appropriate soil conditioners. Phone your supplier for more advice on this option. For sandy soils, simply mix in organic material and rotary hoe.
  3. Level the surface using a screeding board, lawn leveller or similar device.
  4. In hot months, moisten the soil but do not make the soil too wet. Do not lay turf on hot, dry soil.
  5. Lay the Nara™ native turf as soon as possible after delivery.
  6. On hot days, lay a section of Nara™ grass and lightly water. Repeat until all Nara™ grass is laid. On cool
    days, turf can be laid all at once. Roll and water thoroughly within one hour of laying turf.
  7. Water thoroughly for 7-10 days or until turf is established take care that the water is saturating the soil
    beneath the turf. In colder months, the turf will take longer to establish. The turf should not dry out until
    roots are established.

When the soil has firmed and the Nara™ native turf has rooted down, usually 3-4 weeks after laying (longer during winter), mow lightly to tidy up the lawn.

Installing Nara™ in winter in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth  

After installing the turf as described in the steps above, top dress with an organic sand or soil mix. Rub the top dressing in so that at least a quarter of the leaves are showing and above the top dressing. Water Nara™ native turf every day for the first week, soaking the turf so the water penetrates and soaks into the soil beneath. Then water every second day for the next two weeks. Continue this until October, however after the first 3 weeks, watering Monday, Wednesday and Friday will suffice. If you have a watering system, simply program it for watering on these days.

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