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Nara™ Native Turf shines in Queensland and Northern Territory independent turf trials

In recent turf research, Nara™ native turf kept very high marks, usually higher than most exotic turf types, and comparable with the other well rated varieties. It was as good as any other Zoysia from overseas, and in general had much better quality scores.

Compared to Buffalo types, it rated better in general, and compared to Couch, the quality of the Nara™ turf was slightly better overall. So if our native grass is better than or at least as good as all the exotics, why are we not using it more?

Well Nara™ native turf is now being widely used, and has been successful on a huge number of projects. Now that word is spreading about how good this grass is, and research is proving the fact further, it is only a matter of time before Nara™ native turf becomes one of the most popular turf grass types in Australia. To attest how good it is, there are growers in the USA that far prefer Nara™ turf to all other Zoysia turf types, and it is not native there.

See below for turf comparisons from independent research.

Turf Quality Ratings From The Department Of Primary Industries

Whether Nara™ native turf is at the top or near to the top is not the main point, the point is one of our own won, and native turf is as good as all exotics. So let’s embrace Australia, and put in a lawn that is as good as any exotic, but is a true blue Aussie. This has been a dream for decades to have an Australian native grass that is as good if not better than any exotic. Finally we have one.

The guys from the USA do not care where it comes from they only care that it is good. And it is. Better winter colour than other Zoysia, less mowing, more drought tolerant and harder wearing than Buffalo, and better in shade than Couch and Kikuyu, and as drought tolerant, if not more so according to other independent research.

So you ask what the down side is? There is always one. Nara™ native turf, like other Zoysia, is slow to root out in winter, unless you live in Queensland or coastal NSW. So it is simple, just do not install it in winter if you live in the southern states that get lots of frosts. In the USA, Nara™ native turf has survived and done well in minus 17 degrees, so once it is established cold does not bother its survival.

This is a first. An Australian native turf that is going out to the world. So embrace our native turf, simply because it is as good if not better than any exotic, and best of all, you treat it like any exotic lawn. Fertilise it the same, except because it is more winter active than other exotic Zoysia and stays greener in winter, it does better when fertilised in late autumn or winter.

Mow it the same, scalp it if you like and it will grow the same as exotic grasses, but in reality it actually scalps less than Couch and Kikuyu and about the same as Buffalo. Water it about the same as Couch to keep it alive, and far less than Buffalo. To keep it green, it needs less water than Couch, and only a little more than Buffalo.

Buffalo stays greener longer under drought, but will die quicker when exposed to long periods of drought. In the shade it is better than Couch and Kikuyu, as good as other exotic Zoysia, and only 15% less shade tolerant to the good Buffalo types. So for one of the best lawns in Australia and the world, go native and use Nara™ Native Turf.

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