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Urban Gardens - Soak Up More Carbon With Green Life

A big turn out at an annual Greenlife Industry Conference heard from speaker after speaker how our environment is headed for disaster, and there are only two ways to fix it.

1: Stop polluting, which is a great idea, but will only happen slowly.

2: Soak up more carbon with green life. This is something we can all do right now.

Forestry can only do a small proportion of this work, as they 're limited by lack of water even more than our cities are. The conference heard how the best way to clean the air around our cities and towns is to increase the amount of plants and lawn grown in urban environments. They were also told that governments are misguided when they place water restrictions on gardens and lawns, as gardens and urban green space are the only chance we have of soaking up more carbon.

They were encouraged to get the word out; that taking water away from greenlife is condemning us to a more polluted world. The carbon soaking ability of gardens and lawns are far more important to our world than the huge amounts of water that gets wasted in other industries like soft drink manufacturing. Click here for more articles you might like...