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Nara™ Native Turf FAQ

Below you will find a list of questions that people frequently ask us. If you don't find the question or answer you’re looking for and you need more detailed information, please drop us an e-mail by clicking the contact us button.

Q: Where can I Buy Nara™ Native Turf?

A: Nara™ Native Turf is sold in New South Wales, Queensland, the ACT, Victoria and South Australia.

Click here for a list of Nara growers and select the one closest to you

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Q: Is Nara™ Native Turf salt tolerant?

A : Nara™ turf grass has excellent salt tolerance, so in this respect, it is an excellent choice for coastal regions where other grasses simply cannot cope with excessive amounts of salt in the environment.

Also, if the region you live in often experiences high water restrictions or drought which result in the killing off of many lawn types in your neighbourhood, then Nara™ turf will be an excellent turf to consider, as it will cope and recover very well in these conditions.

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Q: Where can I Find Maintenance Information For Nara™ Native Turf?

A : When it comes to mowing, watering, fertilising and killing pests and weeds, we've got you covered.

Click on this link to check out our Nara™ Native Turf Maintenance guide and videos.

Click on this link for Nara™ Native Turf watering tips

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Q: How do I successfully install and grow Nara™ Native Turf?

A : Important Information For Installing Nara™ Native Turf

Nara™ Native Turf Soil Preparation VIdeo

When the soil has firmed and the Nara™ Native Turf has rooted down, usually 3-4 weeks after laying (longer during winter), mow lightly to tidy up the lawn.

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Q: How much Does Nara™ Native Turf Cost?

A : The price of Nara™ Native Turf will vary from state to state depending on which grower you decide to buy from, where they are located and the freight and labour costs involved.

Here is a list of Nara™ Native Turf growers for you to choose from and speak to directly.

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Q: Will Nara™ Turf Work In Any Shaded Area?

A : To give you an idea about installing Nara™ native turf in shaded areas here's a quick shade comparison for you. Buffalo works in 60-70% shade. Nara™ turf works in 30-50% shade where Couch and Kikuyu only work in 15-20% shade. Nara™ native turf is recommended for up to 50% shade in areas with low wear and up to 30% shade in areas with moderate to high wear.

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Q: How Often Does Nara™ NativeTurf Seed?

A : The first year after laying Nara™ native turf, it will seed quite a lot. The second year it settles down, provided you fertilise in spring. It will generally have a burst of seed in early spring and won't seed for the rest of the year. This is a distinct advantage, as Nara™ turf will only need more mowing in early spring to remove seed head, compared to Couch and Buffalos that will need mowing to remove seed head at many times of the year.

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Q: When Is The Best Time To Plant Nara™ Native Turf?

A : Nara™ native turf prefers to be installed when the weather is not too cold. It is best to avoid laying Nara™ turf in the following months in certain regions:

Avoid laying Nara™ Turf between the 25th April - 25th August in Victoria, SA, WA

Avoid laying Nara™ Turf between the 15th May - 15th August in Sydney

Nara™ native turf can be layed anytime of the year Brisbane and further North. This is the same for all Zoysia types. Nara™ turf can actually be laid in the cooler months in Sydney provided the turf is kept moist till it roots out, but as it takes up to 7 weeks to root out in winter, we feel it is best to wait for warmer weather. In warmer weather Nara™ Zoysia will establish relatively quickly from turf. In early spring or autumn it may take a week longer than other turf types to establish, but what's a week compared to a lifetime of low maintenance?