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Successful Nara™ Native Turf Projects

Bacchus Marsh, VIC

"I love my Nara lawn, we spend a lot of time playing and sitting on it. Its soft to sit on, extremely durable and a beautiful lawn to look at. I wanted an Australian native grass and I am so happy with the Nara turf, we have grass parrots visiting the lawn and it has a character unlike any other lawn I've had."

- Alex Green



Ristic Real Estate, Epping VIC

"Wouldn’t substitute it for anything else, also keep watering for the first 3 weeks and a bit more under the shade. Do not forget to cut it the first time on 3 to even it up, after that move notch up to 4 on your lawn mover and have a green Nara fun."

- Mills Ristic

Carol, NSW

“The turf blends in to the surrounds very well. Being on acres, we didn't want an artificial looking 'turf ' as manyof them are, rather something which blended in to the surrounding native grasses. Nara does the job very well.”

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